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Why Monday is the most misunderstood day

I don’t like Mondays”, The Boomtown Rats

A Nummer 1 hit in 1979. Not without reason. In the US over half the people hate their jobs. After a holiday or the weekend, they really only grudgingly go back to work.

The December month, the conclusion of the year. A period par excellence to distance yourself from work. To inspire your team to do so as well. To clear your head and mind. To find joy in loved ones. Good books. Long walks, or winter sports in the snow. So that in January you embrace the new year, inspired and full of energy.

Read in this article from The EconomistWhy Monday is the most misunderstood day, what exactly ails many people when they start a new working day. That reluctance, studies show, is very common, and understandable. When you get that, you can take it into account.

Next year, please feel welcome to exchange thoughts. About the development of your organisational culture. About coaching. Or about finding and selecting new people, leaders, who set an inspiring example for your organisation.


I wish you happy holidays and all the best for the new year.

Warm regards,



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