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"Aegeus has a strong understanding of what a person is really capable of, sometimes better than the person does themselves."

- Caroline Krouwels -


Someone who listens, asks sensitive questions and inspires, supporting inner reflection and development.

A coach by your side to support and structure your self-evaluation, to coax your ideas and feelings to the surface, and regularly create time to focus on yourself. This adds to your personal development, smooth functioning and inner resilience. A mature and effective leader is the foundation of a successful leadership team.


Coaching by Aegeus is about empowering you to create a clear overview of your own questions going forward and to find answers to them yourself. One can only live one’s own life; leave other people to live theirs. Aegeus provides structure, discipline, progress, rhythm and focus. Aegeus' experience in leadership and as an executive search consultant will inspire you to get the truly meaningful questions on the table.

Lonely at the top


By nature, leadership is lonely at times. It goes without saying that there is little room for leaders to divulge their personal thoughts and feelings within their organisations. A coach is a professional and confidential sounding board for self-reflection on your own performance, for sharing concerns, and for weighing these up against reality. By periodically sitting down with Aegeus to reflect on how you are doing, you will add to your inner balance, resilience and professional effectiveness.

Mid-Career Transformation


In every career, there comes a time when you feel the urge for change – or change is thrust upon you. Aegeus provides a structured coaching process to develop your understanding of how your career has evolved to date, where you are currently, and in which direction, and with which motivation, you desire to continue to develop moving forward. He then accompanies you as you turn this perspective into reality.



Up to 60% of an organisation's success is determined by the effectiveness of the leader or team in charge. Good teamwork ensures job satisfaction, the resilient handling of unforeseen circumstances, the honest sharing of insights and opinions, and the addressing of concerns. Team members inspire one another and provide feedback, with a healthy balance of give and take.


Aegeus supports leadership teams to work effectively by reinforcing the equilibrium and self-awareness of their individual members. His personal approach contributes to a team ethic of professional mutual feedback and individual inspiration. Everyone in the organisation feels inspired to mirror such a leadership team, creating a vibrant, sparkling, optimistic and solution-oriented organisational culture.

Top team coaching

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