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Aege offers three distinctive coaching processes:

It’s lonely at the top

At the top of an organization the agenda’s that determine the communication are axiomatic. Periodically reflecting on yourself with the help of a coach can visibly contribute to your inner balance as well as your performance.

Mid-career change

For many young people their first job is completely self-evident. One subsequently rolls from one job into the next for fifteen to twenty years. Around mid-forty, one suddenly ask themselves what am I doing and  what really interests me? Sometimes this awareness is triggered by an unexpected departure from the organisation that they have trusted and with which they have become so familiar.

Aege offers a structured coaching process in three or four fases:

Mid-career change coaching process

in four stages:


support until a settlement ending an employment contract is reached;


deciphering: what do I really want?


determining what tools I can use and develop to achieve what I really want to do;


preparation, support and evaluation of actions taken and discussions with those people who are relevant to what I really want to achieve.

Topteam coaching

The effectiveness of an organisation is determined by the effectiveness of the top team. Are all members balanced, in their personal strength and do they relate to each other in a balanced way? Does the top team have a healthy balance between stimulating and correcting / giving and taking?

This way of coaching has especially proven itself within family businesses. Often family members who are not involved in the operational side of the business partake in the coaching process.

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