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Speaking about priorities...

Q1 is nearly over. Let's take a moment to reflect. Do you still have the priorities for the year clearly in mind? In other words, refresh my memory!

Family comes first. Close friends. Living by values, principles. Fulfilling and bearing your responsibilities. All goes without saying.

Then there's work. Here are eight suggestions for this current year, in no particular order:

  1. GenAI or LLM’s. Innovating may seem exciting. But scaling up is essential and possibly more complex. Virtually all organisational processes can benefit from GenAI. What choices are you making? How is the deployment scaled? Do you have any idea what the impact of GenAI will be on your industry?  

  2. Tech. Organisations that truly implement the inevitable digital transformation grow faster and keep costs better in check than others.

  3. Energy transition. Over the last eighteen months, the average world temperature has risen more sharply than previously measurable. Where, how, and when do you successfully invest in greening? If not, someone else will…

  4. What truly sets you apart? Do you know it and accept the consequences? And, do you maintain and develop it with care at the highest level?

  5. Are your loved ones dear to you? Or, alternatively, do you cherish middle managers? The now famous example of Schiphol's CEO Ruud Sondag joining the baggage handlers in the canteen. Rarely did he encounter such a mess, including vermin. He rectified it immediately. The effect on team motivation can be guessed.

  6. Geopolitics. The future cannot be predicted, no matter what some may say. Have you and your team considered all - yes, all, including the worst - scenarios?

  7. Growth. Do you have a clear view of where your growth will be realised? Do you have the ten rules of growth in mind?  

  8. Macroeconomics. Uncertainty continues to increase. Is scenario planning in order? Do you know which buttons to push? How do you continuously keep your finger on the pulse of macroeconomic developments, effectively interpreting them and implementing actions?

Also, read the attached article by Homanyoun Hatami and Liz Hilton Segel, both consultants at McKinsey, for inspiration.

Feel free to exchange thoughts on finding and selecting people who tangibly contribute to elevating all the above. To implement and realise. Best of luck in the coming quarters!

Warm regards,



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