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Leadership in 2024: From Turtle Wisdom to Sustainable Success

In my last newsletter of 2023, I already wrote that I wish you all the best for this new year. I gladly repeat that now, as we can never wish each other well enough.

We live in an exciting period of history. Here, I will not repeat all the themes - such as geopolitical and climate challenges - you are already familiar with.

This global environment demands extraordinary flexibility from all organisations. Especially from the team that leads the way.

Now for a different story. About the tortoise and the hare, from the ancient Greek storyteller Aesop. About people who don't become complacent with short-term success. People who, in all modesty, realise that becoming a successful leader is one thing. Remaining a successful leader sustainably after initial success is something else. This applies to everyone in the leadership team, from supervisors to C-level players.

In my practice, as a coach and as an executive search consultant, I see how rare this quality is. And how often mistakes are made, such as choosing candidates primarily based on sector experience rather than personal qualities. For inspiration, read this article 'Staying ahead: How the best CEOs continually improve performance', published in McKinsey Quarterly, May 2023. Feel welcome to exchange thoughts together about finding and selecting people with the right personal qualities for a role in your leadership team.

Before I conclude, just a word about 2023. More or less monthly, I wrote about topics I encounter in my practice that relate to what makes an organization successful. The three most-read newsletters were all about the value of successful search projects.

I wrote inspired by an article from the Dutch daily NRC about the downfall of Credit Suisse. How consecutive disastrous leadership appointments can bring down a systemic bank. And about "Why are so many male leaders incompetent?", the difference between self-confidence or even conceit and leadership competencies. Finally, about assessment tools. The four most common pitfalls when tests are misused in the selection process for C-level appointments. Below you can find the articles again. 

Again, all the best for 2024. With especially very inspiring people around you at work!

Warm regards,



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