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"Working with Aegeus does not feel like a transaction."

- Frank Roerink -


Specific, personal, transparent and respectful.

Focused, transparent and respectful analysis of the value of the leader or leadership team and its individual team members with a vision towards growth and development potential. Up to 60% of value creation stems from the leader and leadership team. 


Aegeus analyses the effectiveness of leadership teams and their individual team members. This leads to a common vision for the growth and development potential of the team, aligned with the organisation's vision and goals. Interesting as it may be for leaders to know how their leadership team is performing, it is even more so for external parties weighing up whether to invest in a company (leadership team DD).


Aegeus evaluates everyone involved on the strength of an interview, and where applicable, test results, to get a clear idea of whether they are – still – in the right position within the organisation. Aegeus subsequently supports them all during this development process in his own characteristic way. Thanks to his organisational development experience and understanding and judgement of human nature, he knows how to express clearly why someone is suited to a given role in a specific environment or where the challenges lie within a team, allowing the leadership team to create a continuous, structured and targeted development process. 

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