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A successful family business – for now and for future generations.

Everyone involved needs to know and respect each other's roles. This avoids unexpressed expectations leading to unnecessary misunderstandings, tensions and conflicts.


Sooner or later, every family-owned business needs to address issues on management, handing down the business to the next generation, and balancing family members and their roles within the business, while considering the interests of the company's stakeholders at large – to name but a few.


Professional and sound governance is the foundation from which to address each and every issue. This could be experienced as relinquishing influence. However, by carefully setting up a governance structure with the right knowledge, experience, wisdom and dedicated people, you bring calm to the table with a transgenerational view towards the future, while respecting the present day.


As a coach, Aegeus supports families in communicating and working together productively and with pleasure. Whether coaching a single family member or several simultaneously, his aim is always to support the creation of a thriving environment in which the desired vision and goals can be accomplished. As an executive search consultant, Aegeus helps define the expectations of everyone in key governance positions. He also helps find the right candidates – inside or outside the family – for these crucial roles. For example, within the board of a portfolio management foundation (STAK), as a non-executive board member, or as a leader in a key C-level role.


Confidentiality is always pivotal, but never more so than in a family-owned business. Aegeus is happy to engage in discussions, listen to your expectations, and share his experiences with similar issues, and on similar projects with the results achieved.

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Daniël de Swaan

CEO Meijers Assurantien, a family-owned company founded by his father-in-law,

"Aegeus included and coached, all the family members that were involved in the process."

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