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Authentic leadership: the key to exceptional success

My new website is live.

You must be thinking: 'Sounds great! But who cares?'

Understandable, which is the exact reason why I was hesitant to write about myself.

Until I read this article in the Harvard Business Review about what enables teams to perform exceptionally well.

The research mentioned in this article demonstrates that successful teams not only require five elements, but also proper execution among the team, in order to become exceptionally successful.

Authenticity is mentioned last, though it is certainly no less important.

In fact, people measurably contribute more to their work when they are able to be authentic.

For years now, research has shown that teams are capable of extraordinary accomplishments when three basic psychological needs are met: autonomy, a sense of personal competence and competence within their work environment, and authentic connectedness.

When these psychological needs are met, people communicate authentically and are able to show their vulnerability, because they feel safe. In turn, meetings become vibrant, transforming into enthusiastic encounters fuelled by inspiration and feedback. Everyone is genuinely interested in one another as true human beings and not just as colleagues. They therefore feel understood in the private context. Read the article in the HBR, I am sure it will inspire you.

Finding & reinforcing authentic leadership; this is a pretty good summary of my work and thus my new website.

Feel free to visit my website toread about the ways in which I contribute to authentic leadership. My aim is to create an authentic organisational culture, where successful people attain exceptional results in a natural way.

Please feel welcome to share your thoughts on this topic, or any other topic that you wish to share with me.

Warm regards,



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