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Resilient leadership in uncertain times

Recent conversations at my kitchen table have all been about the same topics. Current times are turbulent and unpredictable, and what is about to happen next remains uncertain. Multiple forecasts, including one of the IMF, predict that we are entering an economic recession.

Not only are we dealing with a war recession, as mentioned in the previous newsletter, we are also facing a unique confluence of crises. We are currently living in an age where one crisis is followed by another one. Better times will dawn, yet we must always be prepared for the next crisis. How can companies and organizations become resilient during these turbulent times? Resilient organizations, or if you wish so, resilient leadership is more important than ever before. Resilient leadership is based upon your ability and that of your team to deal with setbacks and to continuously adapt yourself and your team to the current situation, while at the same time creating opportunities towards future growth. A study conducted after the financial crisis of 2008, showed that resilient companies do not only perform better at times of crisis and in its recovery period, they also grow at a faster pace when t

hese times are surmounted. Resilient organizations stay one step ahead of the competition by seeing situations as an opportunity, by having a clear vision and by making sure they have enough high-quality employees within their team. Hemant Ahlawat and others recently wrote an interesting article on this subject. To make resilience tangible, a topteam could chose to focus on just a few themes, also called dimensions. For example, its business model, their reputation, the organization, operational resilience, technological resilience and last, but certainly not least, its financial resilience. Attached to this lette

r you will find an article written by Andrew Grant and others on these dimensions. In essence, now is the time to make a difference as a leader. Do you have the right people around you? With assessments, I can help you get insights on your team in relation to these challenging times. As a coach I can help you or your top-team members maintain and find inner balance, or help to sharpen ones individual strengths and emphasize these as such for individual empowerment. If necessary, I can help you add temporarily extra management capacity to your team, by finding interim managers. Lastly, if needed, I can help you to find or name new team members by starting a search and selection project. Feel fre

e to exchange thoughts with me on this subject. Warm regards, Aegeus


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