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Harvard Business Review 2022 top 10 management tips!

The well-known lists at the turn of the year. Let me indulge in it for once, as well.

With a personal note, for a change. I am not the man to share any personal notes: after all, it's not about me. Nevertheless, this list of ten "tips" - dreadful term - naturally applies to me as well. Thus, see here, the ten most excellent "management tips of 2022" from Harvard Business Review. In an arbitrary order:

The power of language / Promote inclusive language

Perhaps one of the most important qualities of leadership is the ability to communicate inspiringly, effectively. Far greater than the written word, is the power of spoken words, don’t underestimate it. I, similarly to many others, have found myself getting caught up in language.

Quiet time / Build a culture that honors quiet time

It took me a long time, too long, to realize the value of "empty time" - or silence. "Busy-busy-busy", was supposed to get me there, I figured. However, nothing could be further away from that. Taking the time to rest, take a step back, organize your thoughts and reflect. This is vital. I don't and cannot live without it.

Without luck... / Build luck into your career

If you don't train yourself to identify the luck you have in life, no such luck will ever exist. Live mindfully. Also, embrace change as an opportunity.

Show appreciation / Improve how you recognize your team

Not nearly everyone can effectively show appreciation, or even more so, express it. In an effective way, so the person for whom it is intended is able to accept it.

You might want to reflect deeply on this.

Don't follow your passion

Of course, not all aspects of your work are "fun". But why are certain elements not enjoyable? What are those bothersome and itchy topics that continually reoccur in the course of your work? For me, writing these blogs is like a millstone. Once they have been dispatched and I read the responses - yes really, a fairly large number of responses - a burden is lifted from my shoulders. The emotional and practical side of it is what makes it hard for me. Despite this, I do it.

Trial and error / How to move on after being laid off

It's not just about getting fired. It's about being rejected. Here's how to process rejection, or rather the feeling of rejection, as rejection is often not personal.

Instead, consider what you might gain from it and how personal you must take this lesson. All of us face rejection. Beware of those who claim to be immune to it. Such individuals face other challenges.

Embracing your diversity blunder / How to internalize your DEI blunder.

Once again, it's about communication. Sometimes you may unintentionally step on the toes of another human being. Rightly so, you are held accountable. Demonstrate the idea that DE&I really matters to you and behave accordingly. Welcome feedback. Listen to feedback.

Feed the pressure until... / Balancing performance pressure with compassion

It encompasses one of the "ivory tower" topics. Are you still in touch with what your team has to endure? Particularly your managers?

A key to an exceptionally effective organization, is for the leader or leaders to exemplify how to manage big challenges, while preserving calmness within the team. Be sure to understand how far the pressure can rise. And why. Appreciate your people. Without them, you are nothing.

Communicate simple / Structure your writing around one idea

I previously wrote about it. Leadership without exceptional communicative talent is meaningless. Effective communication revolves around delivering a singular message. Or else, it is ineffective.

We are just like real people... / Get more comfortable with failure

Get to know yourself, is the essence. Especially knowing where your strengths lie. As well as what is not directly your talent. At times, the reality may be that you need to tackle things that are not exactly your talent. In fact, it happens fairly often. Don't run away from it. Train yourself a step by step, day by day. Eventually you will master it adequately. Be honest and transparent about it to others, but especially to yourself. In the end, you everything will be fine.

Well, now a summary. What is the message I convey through this article? I am deeply fascinated by leadership. And after a few decades of working with it, with cq on myself and others, I’m becoming more and more fascinated by it. Meanwhile, I realize that I will continue to learn. In my work for search projects, as a coach, for assessments and interim management supervision. It's all about providing leadership. Gather the absolute best people around you. Define together with your team your purpose. And relentlessly continue to tell the story. Communicating.

Please feel welcome to exchange thoughts. About whatever you like.

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