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Work is a major part of life, it better be good!

Q2 is almost behind us. Time for a report. But not a financial one or anything like that, rather a qualitative one about what’s happening at work.

Work is a big part of life. It better be good!

I regularly write on LinkedIn about what touches people in relation to work. Which topics are the most read?

The topics that resonate with people, according to the figures, are sincerity, connection, and loyalty. Here are the links to those writings, so you can read them again.

Leadership seems so simple. Yet it repeatedly proves that creating and maintaining a culture based on authenticity is not that easy. Libraries are filled with books on the demonstrable, positive effect of an authentic culture on every dimension of results. And still, I regularly hear heart-wrenching examples of where it goes wrong. Just this week, someone told me about a completely unnecessary blunder.

Feel free to discuss finding and selecting authentic leaders, or developing and maintaining your own leadership talents.

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