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Developing the quality of your leadership

Aege Steensma

Aegeus Steensma 


Aegeus supports people and organisations in their ongoing development of authentic values. He helps people thrive in a culture of relentless development so that organisations can continue to grow and flourish. He aims to find and strengthen authentic leadership.

As an executive search consultant, Aegeus helps you find and select the right leaders. As an executive coach, he supports leaders with their continuous personal development, resilience and effectiveness, as well as in preserving joy in their leadership roles. He supports organisations in finding and selecting interim managers, and uses assessments to evaluate how leaders perform and what their future prospects might be.

Aegeus does this in his own personal, committed, confidential, structured and goal-oriented style.

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"Aegeus has a sharp understanding of what an organization needs, he really adds something." 
- Frank Roerink -


BrightHeads | Executive Search

Exceptional leadership is not by definition successful leadership. It is the interplay of qualifications, personality, vision and context that makes an excellent leader.

Aegeus helps clients gain insight into what type of leadership is required, in any given scenario. He challenges with different viewpoints and unexpected questions. He looks beyond the tangible and guides both client and candidate closely and personally.

Executive Search
BrightHeads | Interim Management

Great interim managers stay calm during organisational development projects, understand crisis management, never lose sight of the bigger picture, and act decisively when others might freeze. They can plot a new course of action under pressure while implementing the changes it requires, and motivating their team throughout. This paves the way for the next leader to continue to build an inspiring and promising future with the team.

Aegeus has a suitable Interim Manager for each and every environment to bring a sense of calm to the table and create immediate added value.

Interim Management
BrightHeads | Succession & Family Business

A successful family business – for now and for future generations.

Everyone involved needs to know and respect each other's roles. This is where the sensitivities typically are in these kinds of processes. To keep a family business flourishing – or make it become so again – roles sometimes need to shift. For example, from leader to shareholder, or vice versa.

By listening carefully, being sensitive to feelings, and providing support, all members of the family remain included. This allows family-owned businesses to keep hold of their family strengths.

Succession & Family Business


BrightHeads | Executive Coach

Someone who listens, asks sensitive questions and inspires while supporting inner reflection and development.


Coaching by Aegeus is about empowering you to create a clear overview of your questions moving forward and to find answers to them yourself. He supports you in your quest to identify what really matters to you. Your personal coaching journey, attuned to your individual pursuit of lifelong development.

A mature and effective leader is the foundation of a successful leadership team.

BrightHeads | Assessment

Focused, transparent and respectful analysis of the value of the leader or leadership team and its individual team members with a vision towards organisational growth and development potential. Aegeus believes this is the only way to evaluate a leader or leadership team. Individually interviewing all the players involved, possibly drawing upon test results, working towards a common understanding of the different specific roles, the players, the expectations and the challenges, balanced with the company’s future perspective and vision.


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